Tip #20 Quick Bookmarking

This tip is from reader Mike Arst:

Use the five-way to move the cursor to a spot you want to bookmark. Now press the central button on the five-way twice as if you were double-clicking with a mouse button. This adds a bookmark immediately. It locates the bookmark not just roughly at that location but exactly at that location. It can be confirmed by selecting the bookmark in the “View my notes and marks” menu. When you select the one you created that way, the word that was to the immediate right of the cursor when you double-clicked is the word that appears at the top of the page.

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Tip #21 Quick Word Search

Another Mike Arst trick:

Next: the accidental discovery. I don’t know why it should work, but it always seems to.

The Kindle has no clipboard that I know of. But I found a way to do a search for a word found on a page without having to retype it:

Using the five-way, move the cursor to the start of the word. Press the central button of the five-way to start highlighting. Press the direction button to highlight the word, but don’t press the central button again. That is, leave the word highlighted white-on-black — and not underlined.

Press the space bar. The highlighted word is placed into the search box at once. Normally pressing a letter key puts that letter into the box — but not in this case. So the highlighted word now appears in the box. You might need to use the DEL key to remove, say, a trailing comma or other punctuation mark. With that done, press the down-arrow control on the five-way. The highlight moves to “Save Note.” Press the right-arrow control on the five-way. The highlight moves to the “Find” selection. Now hit the central button to start the search.

This has worked so far with individual words but not with phrases. I suppose that’s just a limitation of the Kindle at the moment — searching works for individual words. If there’s a way to do it with phrases I haven’t found it yet.

The keypad trick I’d love to find: a simple keystroke combo for “jump to next bookmark” — without having to use the menu system. I don’t think it’s possible, though.

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