Tip #21 Quick Word Search

Another Mike Arst trick:

Next: the accidental discovery. I don’t know why it should work, but it always seems to.

The Kindle has no clipboard that I know of. But I found a way to do a search for a word found on a page without having to retype it:

Using the five-way, move the cursor to the start of the word. Press the central button of the five-way to start highlighting. Press the direction button to highlight the word, but don’t press the central button again. That is, leave the word highlighted white-on-black — and not underlined.

Press the space bar. The highlighted word is placed into the search box at once. Normally pressing a letter key puts that letter into the box — but not in this case. So the highlighted word now appears in the box. You might need to use the DEL key to remove, say, a trailing comma or other punctuation mark. With that done, press the down-arrow control on the five-way. The highlight moves to “Save Note.” Press the right-arrow control on the five-way. The highlight moves to the “Find” selection. Now hit the central button to start the search.

This has worked so far with individual words but not with phrases. I suppose that’s just a limitation of the Kindle at the moment — searching works for individual words. If there’s a way to do it with phrases I haven’t found it yet.

The keypad trick I’d love to find: a simple keystroke combo for “jump to next bookmark” — without having to use the menu system. I don’t think it’s possible, though.

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