Tip #17 Why My eReader Is Better Than Your eReader

Well, I have finally decided to enter the fray of which eReader is better. Why do I want to further stir up that hornets nest? It’s because I see people making arguments that essentially boil down to (for example), “The Nook color is better because it’s in color!”. No kidding, I’ve seen entire articles that went on and on about color LCDs and how they were gonna take over the eBook market. Of course, there was no mention of the 2 most basic reasons why LCDs won’t take over the eBook market, namely:
1) Battery Life: The Kindle gets up to a month. The Nook color gets up to 8 hours.
2) Weight: The Kindle comes in at 8.5 ounces. The Nook color at 15.8 ounces.

And of course no mention of how great the near universal access to the web the more expensive Kindle 3G models have. I can download sat images off Google Maps from practically anywhere (look for the link from Tip #1). Or check my email from practically anywhere. I can indeed check out library books on the Kindle, something I constantly read that I can’t do. But seriously, these are reasons I like the Kindle, and you may have reasons why you like Brand X. So this post will be to help decide which is best for you. I won’t declare a winner. The winner for me is the one I purchase, just as the one you purchase is the winner for you. For some folks, rooting the Nook color is all they want.

So here is a comparison of features between the Kindle and the Nook(s):

Kindle 3:

Free Intenet 3G browsing on more expensive version of Kindle
Wifi connection on Kindle 3
Memory: 4GB with Kindle, no additional slot
TouchScreen: No
Battery Life: up to 30 days
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Display: Latest Pearl e-ink display
Display Size: 6 inches
Operating System: Linux – proprietary
Lend Books: Yes
Physical Keyboard: Yes

3G allows for purchasing books, available only on more expensive Nook. No internet browsing
Memory: 2gb with microSD expansion slot up to 16gb
Wifi: Yes
TouchScreen: Partial
Battery Life: up to 10 days
Weight: 11.6 ounce on Nook Wi-Fi, 12.1 on Nook Wi-Fi & 3G
Display: older e-kink display
Display Size: 6″ diagonal
Operating System: Android
Lend Books: Yes
Physical Keyboard: No

Nook Color
No 3G
Wi-Fi: Yes
Memory: 8gb with microSD expansion up to 32gb
TouchScreen: Yes
Battery Life: up to 8 hours
Weight: 15.8 ounces
Display: LCD
Display Size: 7″ diagonal
Lend Books: Yes
Physical Keyboard: No

I’ll be updating this post occasionally to add more models, so stay tuned!

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