Tip #16 InstaPaper

Guess what? There is a free service that lets you save the location of an article you are reading in your computer browser, then the service sends the article to your Kindle 3 for free over wi-fi (if you own a previous Kindle version, you may get charged for delivery). No really, it’s true! It’s called ‘Instapaper’, and what you need to do is, create an account on the InstaPaper Website. Then go to Here, and set it up. You will need to be armed with your Kindle’s email address. You do know it, don’t you? No? Then open up a new tab in your browser, log into Amazon.com, and find the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page, that is where your Kindle’s email is. Don’t log off just yet, you need to do something else in a sec…

Switch back to Here, and fill in your Kindles @free.kindle.com address. Also, notice in the instructions that you need to add an email address in your Amazon Kindle account. This is how you approve InstaPaper to send stuff to your Kindle. Copy the address, switch back to the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page, and add the Instapaper email address to “Your Kindle Approved E-mail List”. While you’re there, be sure and give some thought to setting your “Your Personal Document Charge Limit ” to $0.00 if you never want Amazon to charge you for sending something to your Kindle via email through Whispernet (Your Kindles 3G).

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