The Absolute Best Kindle Tips (plus a few others)

This page is about learning how to use the Kindle better. Using various tips, tricks, and hacks, it is possible to get an even more enjoyable experience from the Kindle than ever thought possible!

Tip #1 A New Internet Start Page For The Kindle
Tip #2 Edit Or Delete Internet Bookmarks On The Kindle
Tip #3 Check Out An eBook From The Library, Read It On Your Kindle!
Tip #4 Free Books
Tip #5 Calibre
Tip #6 Change Your ScreenSaver Pictures
Tip #7 Add A Picture Book
Tip #8 Blank Page
Tip #9 A New Kindle OS
Tip #10 Reset Your Kindle 3
Tip #11 Turn The Page Automatically
Tip #12 Shortcuts
Tip #13 UnStick Your Kindle
Tip #14 Save your Battery Life
Tip #15 Borrow / Lend Kindle Books bought from Amazon
Tip #16 InstaPaper
Tip #17 Why My eReader Is Better Than Your eReader
Tip #18 A Kindle Collection Manager
Tip #19 Free Games
Tip #20 Quick Bookmarking
Tip #21 Quick Word Search

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