Tip #12 Shortcuts

Alt + B, Bookmark the page you are on.
Alt + F, skips to the next MP3.
Alt + G, Gets rid of Ghosting. Doesn’t always work, but that’s because there really are ghosts in your Kindle.
Alt + Home, Kindle BookStore.
Alt + Space, Start playing MP3s.
Alt + R, Reloads a web page in the Kindle Browser.

Alt + Shift, Selects the address bar in the Kindle Browser.

Alt + Shift + 1 thru Alt + Shift + 9, Change spacing between words/lines, won’t change the font size. Low numbers = low spacing, high numbers = high spacing.
Alt + Shift + G, Screen shot of your Kindle. To see it, plug the usb into your computer, browse to documents folder’. Pictures begin with, “screen_shot.”
Alt + Shift + M, (from home) Starts Minesweeper game.
Alt + Shift + M, (from home) then G Starts Gomoku game.

Shift + Sym Toggle Text To Speech on and off.

Spacebar Pause and unpause Text-To-Speech, audiobooks, podcasts.

Menu, Check free space, the time, WhisperNet connection speed.

Photo Viewing
C. Actual size.
E. Reset zoom level.
F. Full-screen.
Q. Zoom in.
R. Rotate 90º to the right.
W. Zoom out.

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