Tip #11 Turn The Page Automatically

Ever wished that the Kindle would turn the pages for you? Give that thumb a well needed rest? Well, you lazy son of a gun, this tip is for you! Turn on Text To Speech, turn the volume all the way down, play with the speed until it kinda matches your reading speed (press the Aa button to speed up or slow it down.), and voila! Insta-lazy! Yes, I just made that word up, you read it here first. This tip is also for folks that for one reason or another, i.e. carpal tunnel, really do need to give that thumb a break. It’s also a pretty good tip for those with a broke thumb. Ouch!

This doesn’t work on all books, as some publishers think that someone is going to record the Kindle reading their precious book aloud, then make a zillion dollars selling it on eBay or whatever. Some publishers need a clue.

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