Tip #7 Add A Picture Book

Want to have pictures of the kids on your Kindle? Here’s how:

Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB. You should see a ‘kindle’ drive in Windows Explorer (on a Windows computer, of course).

Create a folder on the root of the ‘kindle’ drive called, ‘pictures’. Create a subfolder under the ‘pictures’ folder. Call it whatever your pictures are about, i.e. ‘TheKids’.

Now you have a choice.
1) Either convert the pictures to 4-bit grayscale images:
   600 x 800 for the Kindle 3,
   824 x 1200 pixels for the Kindle DX.


2) Copy the pictures as is and hope for the best.

I believe in hope, so I usually just copy the pictures over.

You can add as many folders under the ‘pictures’ folder as you like, so you can group you pictures. When finished, right click on the ‘kindle’ drive, and choose ‘eject’. Then, just to make sure they get read, on the Kindle, hit the ‘home’ button, then the ‘menu’ button, and choose settings. Hit ‘menu’ again, and choose ‘Restart’.

After your Kindle starts up, hit the ‘alt’ and the ‘z’ keys simultaneously.You should see a new ‘book’ for each folder you created under the ‘pictures’ folder.

Now go show off your kids pictures!

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