Tip #3 Check Out An eBook From The Library, And Read It On Your Kindle!

Many people choose other reading devices instead of the Kindle solely because you can’t check out an ebook from the library to read on a Kindle. Or can you? Well, I did, and I didn’t break the DRM to do it. So can you. You will need the following 2 items:

1) A library card to a library that carries .mobi books. I used the King County Library System, KCLS.ORG, in Seattle. They have a decent collection of mobi ebooks available.

2) A program downloaded from here:

mobipocket-to-kindle-format-converter The instructions are also there.

The jist of the whole operation is, install the program mobiKindle to your Windows PC. You may need to install a .net update from Microsoft, it start that process for you. If you do need the update, you need to run the install program again, because it just quits after the update.

After installing the program, you run it. It has a spot to input your Kindle serial number. You either get that off the box, get it off the back of your Kindle, or hit ‘Home’, ‘Menu’, then ‘Settings’ and you should find it in there. The MobiKindle program will get your Kindle PID for you. You need to give that to the library in order to check out a book. Once you have an ebook checked out and downloaded to your PC, you browse to it in the MobiKindle program, and it will insert the PID into the ebook, and give it a new extention. After that you copy it to the Kindle, and read. It will time out when it’s due, if you haven’t finished reading it, you will need to check it out again.

Other libraries where you might find mobi books (Just go to advanced search, and under formats, pick mobi):

A list of libraries by state (not all have mobi books):
A list of libraries by state (not all have mobi books):

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