Tip #1 A New Internet Start Page For The Kindle

If you use the Internet on your Kindle, this is the best tip on this page. There is a web page you should point your Kindle to, the ONLY Internet bookmark I have on my Kindle. It takes too long to use the dang Kindle bookmarks. This bookmark page is formatted to 1 page on the Kindle, pretty good for how many links are on the page!


This web page is specifically formatted for the Kindle, and it has links to many, many websites that are more or less Kindle Friendly. Let’s face it, the bookmarking feature on the Kindle is, well, rather lacking. Just the few bookmarks that came with the Kindle go to several pages, and when you add your own, the list of bookmarks you need to traverse gets longer and longer. This page remembers the last catagory you choose, so if Google is your email, then you don’t have to select it from the drop down list each time. And no more page up or down, all the links fit on one page!

Choosing you location on the Craigslist page is the same, choose it once, it remembers. What could be more easy?

Since all the bookmarks that came with your Kindle are already on this page, the best thing to do is to clear out your bookmarks on your Kindle so that you start out with this as the only one. Then if you add a bookmark on the Kindle itself, it’s just below this bookmark, easy to get to. And if you find a useful link I don’t have on the page, contact me, and I’ll can add it for everyone else to use!

And if you don’t know yet how to delete the prepopulated bookmarks from the built in Kindle, here is Tip #2 to get you started!

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